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It's a boring ramble. The part of the forest they're walking through looks the same everywhere.
Some Plushies suddenly believed that they had enough and just left the hiking group.
Saddly, they didn't go back to the accommodation but really left The Mob.
Though, they also found some new sympathizers while searching for the "bad boys" in another part of the woods.
Sometime, to relieve their boredom, they began to sing something. Something describes it perfectly. But it worked!
But after singing the same song for about an hour, they've also had enough of that.
Fortunately, they finally arrived at the place where the molesters were.
But again, the fight was very easy and it really was more like cleaning up the woods ...

Before fighting against anybody again, they decided to just go home to lie in.
Here and there they build some new little features for their shelfs or for their treehouse.
Such as stairs to another platform, where they already created some seating areas.

This morning, they heard strange cries. It sounded a bit like a battle.
Even though, the cuddly little Plushies wanted to relax again,
they knew they should strike off and immobilize whatever it is that's responsible for the new trouble.
But to be honest, how do you want to relax if some people are always screaming?

[ We also easily mastered our second raid and will fight the third one this evening. ]
Wanna join the Dark Plushy Mob on the international server?
Just contact me per PM in the forum or ingame!

♪♫ Live loud. ♫♪
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