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One month is already over again!
A month full of trouble. Not only laziness of some plushy members threatened the solidity of The Mob,
but also the sun bleaching the fur and the skin of some little monsters was unexpected and for some of us painful.
It's always surprising and sad, when some fuzzy members of the group decide to go. But it happens.
Thinking of solutions to get more funny and buoyant nocturnal creatures for The Mob, they went to town searching for the hall of fame.
While going there, some dwellers of the woods needed the Plushies' help with some big monsters.
It always wasn't a big deal but still exciting and rewarding.

When they finally reached this hall, the little ones were amazed of how big it is and how many people are there.
Most of them went there together with their team, just as the Plushies did. But some seemed very lonely.
That's what the Plushies were looking for, people who could need some good company.
Since most groups in there wanted to fight, the clever plushy sweeties decided to write letters so noone thinks they'll get attacked by them.
Secretly, they put the letters into open pockets of those people, impaled the letters on arrows or even just put the letters on the people's head and ran away.

Not many visited The Mob to reply whether they would like to join the fun or not, but the Plushies keep trying.
They also try to draw better maps of the forest so it would be easier for the others to find the Plushies because they think it's the reason why people don't visit them ...
On the first maps you could barely see any paths, only the dark green from the trees so if you don't know the forest it must be really hard to use those maps.

In mentioned hall of fame some friendly groups warned The Mob of a "preschool of horror" which sometimes make excursions into the woods.
The Plushies are already excited and want to see the scary kiddos!
Wanna join the Dark Plushy Mob on the international server?
Just contact me per PM in the forum or ingame!

♪♫ Live loud. ♫♪
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