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Berserkers are overpowered. Look at the int world 35. In top 30 there are 23 berserkers, 5 scouts and 2 wizards at the moment. The best battle mage is on 74th place, the best assasin 44th place, the best knight 31st place. So what the hell is going on here?

The game should be balanced. Those who say berserkers are balanced with other factions, are wrong. Of course, on the same level they are balanced in pvp with other faction but in general they are not. Why?

There is something like a potential of each class. Some factions have greatest potential if they get lucky and some faction have better constant performance. It's something like damage range by weapons. Battle mages have the worst potential to beat much better opponent than they are because they have constant fireball, constant armor, no evasion, no shield. So the differences in battles are made only by luck and/or weapon damage range but with ther poor damage they are very limited by these options. Knights have at least 25% chance to block so if you get lucky and block more attacks in one battle, you may get advantage but those cases are quite rare. Assasins have 50% evasion like scouts but it's much more complicated to get luck for both 2 attacks (assasins) than on 1 attack (scout), so scouts have greater potential to make greater damage than assasins in general. Wizards have no shield, no evasion, but they can rely on luck, every lucky hit makes a great damage boost. If they do 3-4 lucky hits in row, it may lead to win even against much better opponent than they are.
Berserkers are not actually limited at all. If you get 5-6 attacks in row many times or once 10+ hits in row, the damage potential is great especially with lucky hits.
Why I am writing this is because players have more attempts to beat monsters in dungeons. What you need are "just" many mushrooms and try it again and again. If you try to play for berserkers 50 times the same battle against much stronger opponent, there will be let's say 5 battles where you get lucky and win the game. Scouts make let's say 3 from 50, wizards/assasins 2 from 50, knights 1 from 50 and battle mage none od 50.
In dungeons you don't need good constant damage, you just need to get through the stage which guarantees many experiences. Many experiences mean higher character level. Higher character level means better stats, better arts, better golds, exps etc. which making your character stronger.
So no, with unlimited tries in dungeons the game is not balanced at all because when you are battle mage or knight you will be level 120-150 while berserkers will be already level 200+ because of dungeons and how you can compete in pvp battles with them?... It's impossible.

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