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Default 300alu player who wants to play top char searches a guild

Hallo There,
At first sorry fort my Bad English, I hatte writing it but okay.
As you see in my headline I want to play Top char, I think a warrior but I dont know exactly.
I play S&F since 2011 I think on s15. It was quite a great time an now 5 1/2 years later there is w15 and I think about starting on this Server but I want to be sure that I find a good guild for it. What should this guild have?
-a good leader, maybe you should have a #1 guild on another server
-a good rotatition system
-at least 35 300alu player
-friendly people who know this game and maybe can be found on a ts in the evening
But what can I give you?
Unlikely I deleted all my old chars and at the moment i play 300alu on s1 and on s15 but I dont have a high level char right know.
But I know whats important at the beginning of a new server,
I am active in the chat or on a ts,
I know how the rotatition system is working,
And the most important fact I love this game even though I dont know why^^
Wish you a good night and maybe there is a guild which is interested in me, just write.
Greetings/Liebe Grüße!
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