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Originally Posted by Shnitel View Post

3. Inactive players and servers.

- Before I start this suggestion and the most crazy one, I will claim that this one, if it could be possible, I know and realize that it's the hardest to be done.
- First I will talk about players that are inactive for a period who exceed one year. I suggest for Playa to delete all this accounts, because they also can see how much players are left on the servers and if they really need to go with International servers ( or more servers ). Beside this, they represent a great advantage for new players, because they can get food, fortress resources and honor for 0 work. This is not very fair for the players who are old and worked very hard for the positions they hold right now. I know that it will be a radicaly change of the game, but in my opinion it will be good for Playa to try in the future to attract new players on that servers.
Inactive players cannot be deleted. I've seen people come back after years of being inactive and enjoy the new content that Playa has added.

In addition, those inactive players have items on them that people might need for a scrapbook. If they are deleted, the "low level" items would be impossible to find for the SB.
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