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Originally Posted by Baldur View Post
2% IS a lot of difference, not only guildwise, (consider that 50 people everyday get 2% more exp and gold than competition, if you add all the exp and gold earned by these 50 the total earned every day would really surprise you. That total is the difference they get as a guild against the competition), but also as every person. 2% Within a few months can mean a lot of difference for a person
ok I can prove that wrong an example on s3 US top 3 guilds have 190% bonuses for my guild are 168% not only am I keeping up with shrooms my lvl I am slowly passing them and I know a few of them are 300 thirst players. so if bonuses really mattered that much how is it I am not only keeping pace wit h them but am passing them some can be lucky with better exp quests and some better math skills to choose the best exp quest per minute but that only goes so far. If someone can give me a good reason for this I will concede the point otherwise I debunk that a little ole 2% makes a difference

and remember this is from a player that played on 11 servers and all but 3 are currently lvl 300+
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