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Some math:

Let's assume someone is in a guild with 2% extra gold and xp, and that you and him play exactly the same (so equal amount of shrooms and time spent), and that you both just levelled up to the same level.

Every single quest he get 2% more than you, so also every single day he gets 2% more.

That means that in 50 days he will have 50 times that 2% extra, resulting in a full days worth of xp/gold extra.

If the other is at a higher level than you, he's be racing away from you even faster as the amount of xp/gold he gets is bigger than yours.

Add to this what Baldur said;
The level number is a bad way to track your progress. If I lag behind 1000,000 xp on low levels, you'd be vastly higher level.
As you know, 1000,000 xp is NOTHING once you get above level 100. We'd be the same level most of the time.
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