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I follow Laurentis is his thoughts. For me its stupid to lend ppl to other guilds or to accept other guilds member just to beat dungeon. It kills competition. We should all be part of one guild then and play under one name! :/
If you cannot do that for yourself, then try harder and keep playing until you are ready to beat dungeon alone!!! Nothing better that that!!
I saw that top guild from UK2 server is borrowing their top players to 3 or 4 guilds just to beat dungeons with them. One day here, another day there...
On the other hand, they are protected from attacks as bug in game not letting anyone to attack them. Why is that? They seems to protected like DoDo bird, noone can harm them when they are weak! THat is so lame and bad for game itself! (Try speaking to guild leader that tried and didnt make attack on them)

To resume, if you want to have fair competition, you should forbid or at least to shrink borrowing players to 1 trip/week, 2trip/month. Without that game is loosing its magic.
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