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Welcome Glow!

Originally Posted by GL0W_IN_TH3_D4RK View Post
Rock, Metal, House, Trap, Dubstep, Rap, Hip-Hop, Blues, ...

I've much favorites like Slipknot, Rise Against, Greenday
What are you doing to me?! At first I was like "Woohooooo, Rock and Metal!!!" and then "Oh damn, Dubstep, Rap ... " And then again "Wohoooooooo!!! Slipknot! Rise Against! Green Day!!! *party* "
*proudly looking at her Slipknot- and Green Day-bracelets*

Yeah, and as you can see, crazy character fits perfectly for me, too ...

Let's be serious again.. What are your favourite songs of Slipknot and Green Day? ^^
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