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I don't agree with decreasing level of aura to 10, but I agree that level 20 is really high. Maybe level 17 would be enough and it would take also a lot of time to reach it.

It's my opinion although I play on older servers and have aura level 20 on all of them for some time... And although I play mainly for scouts (and for one mage as well but I have never played for warrior) I think that requirements for pets are really unfair.

As it was written sooner, scouts are the best. Then why the developers make it easier for them even in the case of pets? We have the easiest requirements. Guild top 100 - easy really for everyone who wants to play. Epic event? Every month. Christmas? Once a year for a weekend or so. Clear tower? The easiest from all dungeon requirement.

Compare it to mages: Fortress top 100? Well, it's really hard (and so it was a bit changed). Gold event? Also every month. Easter? Once a year for a weekend or so. Mine 20? A loooong time...

And now comparing with warriors: Pets top 100? Also hard and also a bit changed. Aura 20? Every month but after a long long time. Fidget's Shop? If you're not a shroomer, it can takes weeks or maybe months, but yeah, better than once a year. Clear Dungeon 14? In years...

Note: I skipped in each element one pet that can be got just once in a year because that's exactly the same requirement.

I know it had to be hard to find suitable requirements, but at least the developers could change exp or mushroom event (from shadow or fire which is needed for everyone) with the aura. But I quess it's too late for such move, so I vote for decreasing level of aura a bit.