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Default Cost of the new bonuses

So ok, the new guild mechanic will deal with the cheaters, but besides this, it will be muuuuuuch more cost to upgrade the guild bonuses to the max.

Now, it costs 1660 mushrooms to upgrade each bonus to maximum. In the future it will be 5000 shrooms, because you have to click on it 500 times --> 500x10=5000.

Although you don't have to spend on the fortress, it will the double amount of shrooms to upgrade to max, since it was 3x1660=4980 shrooms, and in the future it will be 10000 shrooms.

Consequently, it would be expedient to reduce the cost of clicking from 10 to 5 shrooms.

EDIT: all spent mushrooms and gold (of course max 10M.) should be paid back to those who donated them.

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