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nice idea of a group of 25 person in a guild...
All trying to get more levels..

Which I aint seen in along time..
I can show there is at least 90% of the persons on the server ARNT playing..
Trying to find those that ARE, tends to be All the high ranking guilds, and trying to get any of them to transfer, is kinda NOT Happening..
And its really hard going from 300,000 to 30,000 in the HOF, to find 1-2 people still playing.. As most New players will try to get to the top guilds.. My guild alone is 27th..with over 2/3 not playing anymore.

And we had this discussion a couple years ago..
And I noted that it was very strange that persons who had not played, Still had Stable animals.. Which would be a nice indicator that they were/not playing the game recently.

Then there was the thought about Fighting other groups was interesting with all the dead people, even thos they were at <10% they Still had their levels(??) and could hit you hard enough to kill all your low level team..

and when you fight them as individuals, those same persons had all their HP..Even when they have been Gone 5+ years..
the sever is s1.
401000+ persons listed on the server and I still see level 1 person past 300000... So, allot of level 1 persons...and rank 30,000 is still level 19 range..