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Originally Posted by Apollo View Post
That's not true, and once you play enough time you'll see it. At high-levels, usually warriors are the best classes (PvP). Also, concerning scouts, I've seen mages literally 1-shot scouts (just take a look at the international HoF fights, you'll find plenty of fights like that) at high levels. Berserkers and scouts are the best classes early game, no doubts about that. But does it make them the best classes overall? I don't think so. In my honest opinion, every class is balanced if we're talking about every aspect of the game (pvp and dungeons)
Thats why I said my opinion is that of a new player. On w32, berserkers dominate with no competition. I am curious though, how do you catch up to them? Like they are over 100 levels ahead, wont they just get increasingly more exp/gold due to their higher level?

As I said, I'm a new player so have no experience outside of starting on w32. I appreciate you taking the time to reply.
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