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Originally Posted by Vanni Travanish View Post
Ok, I'm confused.

According to the guide, at level 95 you gain access to the Wheel of fortune 2.0 - however, WofF 2.0 also has the requirements of having the Blacksmith, pets and the Underworld.

Again, according to the guide, the Underworld requires Gem mine 10, and access to the Tower.

The tower requires clearing dungeons 1 thru 9

The key to dungeon number 9 doesn't show up until level 110.

So, effectively you really can't gain the wheel of fortune 2.0 until at least level 110 and probably considerably later (as you have to clear dungeon 9, not just access it), correct? Or am I missing something? Help!!!!
Yeah it is a bit ****ed up, it shows you that you unlock Wheel of Fortune at level 95 'cause you need to have blacksmith and pets unlocked; it's pretty dumb that the Underworld is unlocked way later, you basically gain access to a lot of things (Dungeon 10 - Black Skull Fortress -, The Tower, Shadow World - first dungeon -) when you finish dungeons 1-9, Underworld comes a bit later since you have to find the Heart of Darkness in the Gem Mine if I remember correctly;
You should finish dungeons 1-9 around level 125 or so, maybe a bit later but definitely not 110, maybe with a lot of luck and BIG gems (or black gems).

Wheel of Fortune 2.0 has 4 new things over 1.0: pet food, arcane and metal resources and souls; so it's only logical that you need access to all the areas where you use those resources to begin with.
Maybe WoF 2.0 was implemented before Underworld and after the Underworld update came they were just lazy enough to leave the 95 minimum level for unlocking WoF 2.0 as it is... instead of putting it higher.

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