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maybe we're not talking about the same thing.

I'm over level 400 now and i have like 17 dungeons enemies left. so the amount of epics i get is at a bare minimum of less than 1 per month. so i guess you're going for a high damage span on dungeon weps.

but if you only have 1 epic weapon for your level and no way to get a 2nd, you only use one. even if it has not a wide span. it would be an absolute waste to use a non epic wide span or the old 50 level lower big span epic wep for dungeons.

if you have the money to pay for epics at epic event (200 mushrooms for 1 you maybe need) then yes, having 2 weps may help, but if you don't, you have 1 wep, that's it. and also you don't care if you take 2 weeks longer to kill the enemy without wide span crit luck.
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