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Originally Posted by hexblot View Post
the ideal thing ( and something that will never be implemented ) for me would be:
IF you already have an active 25% (XXL) potion active, THEN:
- drinking another XXL potion extends the duration by 3 days (as it does now)
- drinking an XL potion ( 15% ) extends the duration by 2 days
- drinking a small potion ( 10% ) extends the duration by 1 day
That way when you get those pesky useless potions in the shop you don't automatically sell them back
Originally Posted by Nate View Post
... I was once without my main stat XXL potion for a month. This would make it easier, I like it.
Edit: And the suggestion mentioned above me is even better.
Both these idea are very good in my opinion and I also lived the experience to not find the main stats XXL potion for a month so ... it is not impossible!