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Originally Posted by Leslie Dunn12 View Post
It's very likely that there was, stat's on enemies stopped being meaningful long time ago. Before the update, I was sometimes not even getting past 10% of hp, usually leaving around 60-70%. After? I passed it on third or fourth try and in every attempt, I was down to 10-25%.

The same thing happened to the final in shadow's 13 floors, the previous two warriors had similar statistics - died in no time. Final one? took couple months and it never looked like it was close as opposed to the other two where it almost always looked that way.
It follows the same logic as in dungeon 13 (light), where the final boss is way too strong (more 4000 strength than the previous monster). It took me almost two months to defeat him, even though I won versus monster 7, 8 and 9 in like 1 week.