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Ok, I slept on it, thought this through and here's where I personally stand:

I play now only on one older server, and:
- Fortress done
- Underworld in 2 months done
- Aura 62, in 3 months done
- Twister done, just rough climbing final dungeons
- pets done (I don't care how many levels you add, finding pets and beating habitats was real content)
- I slowly compete with top 5, since they don't use WoF, but it's not something I care about

Now the base cost per day of competing is 13 shrooms for beer and mount plus another 13 for Wheel plus lets say 4 to keep up with pots. That gives us 30 shrooms per day which is roughly 1 euro.

In three months there will be nothing to do in this game and I do not intend to pay 30 euro per month. On the contrary I feel that not paying is the only way to make them understand anything.

If they value more people rerolling everytime a new server starts, thats fine. It's their choice.