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As a player of the game... I am completely disappointed by the lack of anything that is actually even REMOTELY useful for end user day-to-day.

Cross world rankings are nice... but other than stroking egos, do not provide anything towards character development. The whole point of merging worlds would be to bring new life to guilds, whereas the current update only makes carcasses fight!! How does my guild on a mostly dead server benefit from competing with a guild in a some remote, newer, vibrant server? I only stand to lose from that. Even if I win every fight since I'm older, it's only a matter of time till there are no more players, and newer servers catch up.

The whole point would be to allow for new members to join my guild, thus helping out in accomplishing goals TOGETHER (dungeons / portal / etc ). This was **literally** the whole point, and what has been asked a gazillion times.

This "feature" only boosts egos in newer servers (more progress), and provides a new source of depression for those that are already vacant or in the process of being vacated.

As for the rewrite? I fully understand both its implications (see "Techincal stuff" below) and its necessity for the Playa... but it's a far cry from anything users would call a "feature", and a distant howl from anything close to "biggest" feature.
It provides exactly ZERO value to me as a user. Newer graphics are simply a waste of time since a couple of days after release (at best), they'll be just scarcely noticed backgrounds that no-one pays attention to.

However, since you're rebuilding the whole thing from scratch, it should be damn easy to avoid the crappy mess that users complain on a daily basis -- the simplest that come to mind:
- Does it have a chat system that actually works (aka no missed private messages, proper chat history, separate windows or filters for notifications and chat, etc)?
- Does it fix the multitude of issues with different local and server time? Is the server time shown somewhere to avoid future misconceptions?

If you have not fixed AT LEAST those, then this "big update" is basically a failure before it's even beta tested.

Technical stuff:
As a web engineer of 15 years, a leader for a development team of 20 people in a software company:

- I understand the enormity of the task at hand (migrating from a series of bad technological choices made a decade ago to something promising, and rewriting everything from scratch since there is simply no way to port code "as-is").
- I also understand though that this will open the proverbial pandoras box to dozen of (now resolved) bugs, since you're wiping a decade of experience and battle proven code for something that is untested (or roughly tested due to deadlines).

What I would like from this point of view relating to the update is for Playa to adopt something that all serious development companies do:
1) a publicly visible issue tracker
2) a publicly visible user voice system

With (1), we as users who actually care about the game can see (not necessarily create new) tickets that are being worked on (at least for bugs, and announced features), instead of the extremely opaque system that is currently employed. Ticket statuses (seen by developers, being worked on, rejected, being tested) offer an easy boost in morale that someone is working on something instead of "open a ticket, we'll forward it and it's a coin toss if it went to the developer or the trash".

With (2), we can suggest and vote on features, so that Playa actually knows where the majority stands, and popular features can then be promoted to tickets in (1), with rough estimates on implementation (eg "fall update"). That way, if a person suggests server merges and you get a couple thousand upvotes, you might see it as more useful than <insert something noone asked for>.

The above will be a HUGE boost in transparency towards the player base, and make moderator job easier. There are even plugins for vBulletin to integrate those features into the system as pseudo-forums, or simply provide SSO.

That's my 2 cents, apologies for the rant/huge post, but I do feel these "updates" will just continue to urge players to drop the game.
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