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Default Remove the guild pet

Hello. There was a suggestion in the German forum which sounds pretty great and absolutely makes sense. You simply remove the guild pet and replace it with your Char. This way we wouldn't need about 200 Mushrooms to level up the pet and can put it all in our accounts. Everyone would play the feature because there is no money restriction.

Because of our glove enchanting we would hit the Hydra first which would lead to a better progress. I've checked the stats of the Hydra and it'd fit perfectly for our Chars, it wouldn't be too fast but wouldn't take to long. We would have a reason to drink potions and increase our skills.

You'd be able to attack the Hydra only once like the portal back in the days. Playa would earn more money because we'd buy the 25% HP potion and every member of the guild could join the fight without wasting money. With only one attack per day I'd would also be Content for higher players because you need some stats to continue!

Many guilds take new players because of dying population but this players simply won't put 150-200 Mushrooms into this pet because what you got for it is not worth it at the current state. We talk about 200 mushrooms which equals 3 months of the winged potion which is so much more worth it.

There are no Downsides here. Every player would get a compensation of 150 mushrooms which is absolutely enough. This suggestion is awesome and needs to be pushed so please help and like it, thanks!

There is simply no love with the guild pet, it doesn't even has its own picture so it can be removed for good!
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