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objection! ^^

i can complete around 4 of the 5 quests and they are a nice extra XP income.
for me it's around 10 to 11 million XP. for arena fights i get barely 5 million.

i give it to you, it's not the biggest reward, but still a reward non the less.
also the pet gets stronger as your character does, as it's stats depend on your top 25 players. (i think it would have been better if it was all players, but meh.)

so increasing your char does also make your pet stronger. so basically you fight with your top 25 chars. =P
if you take it that way, your wish has already been granted. i can't remember if potions are working as well. at least flat stat potions. but even if they don't it's still every skill point you guys spent on your hero, the pet growth with it.

i agree that the initial mushroom costs are higher than for other content, but then again, you don't need to max the pet instant. you can upgrade it like once every 2 weeks from the free mushrooms you get. all it does is give you some more DMG/HP which falls off the further you go. important in the early levels, less important later levels.

yes you could have made it more rewarding or had some better mechanics, but that could be said for almost all content. like for the arena-manager. for me that is the wrong name for what we are doing there. i had the idea we would be managing/hiring gladiators and let them battle and train and such and yes, for me that would be way better content, but that doesn't mean the current content is bad. it's just different than you'd like it to be. a more fitting name would have been arena clicker or arena tycoon, then i would have had other expectations, instead of WTF is this crap? are you kidding me? but over the days i got to the runes and now I'm happy that i get the runes. =P

for me the guild pet is fine how it is. as far as i know, the higher you get in levels, the more the quest XP matter. so just try it out at level 500 or so, maybe you'll find it useful as well.

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