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Originally Posted by Leander View Post
Do you start collecting pets from scratch? And a new fortress, a new underworld? What is your reward - XP and gold? A lot of players are not happy if something just gives you those again and again.

I'd love some sort of island. You gather wood and other resources to build a ship, set sails and explore an island. There you go up against monsters, gain island gold, gain resources to build your village...a game in the game...maybe this is not that different from BMWGuiness' idea...but a new world (island) with new resources and a fresh start still feels more unique than an exact copy of the current S&F world.

I'll definitely forward your ideas, but I am afraid a lot of players would dislike this copy and regard it as something cheap.
Yes your idea is really great, but what are the odds for Playa to add something like that?
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