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Originally Posted by Sabaotha View Post
I think this rule needs an addition. Now it's impossible for the second best guild to attack the top guild if the honour difference is more than 3000. They maybe have grown stronger than the top guild, but if the top guild do their fighting (and do not attack the second best guild), and the second best guild only get 20 honour from the lower guilds, the 3000-honour gap will never be overcome. So the second best guild will never be able to attack the top guild. This is not fair, and discouraging for the members of the second best guild, so some of them probably will quit playing Shakes&Fidgets.

So I plea that if the rank difference is little (at least 1, but maybe a little more), it always should be possible to attack a higher guild.
Then the unfair friendly attacks of allied guilds will still be reduced, but the second best guild will be able to attack the top guild, even if the the honour difference is more than 3000.
I agree that you should be able to attack 1 guild up even if the difference is over 3000 honor but I think the coding needed to do so would be next to impossible to do but I was also one of the few to think that if the difference was over 3000 below you shouldn't be allowed to attack also.
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