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I'd agree for the most part with the guy above, especially at the beginning, people just turbo lvling with spending thousands of shrooms.

But for the long run, i'd say it's better than he mentioned. On local servers in 1-2 years i'm 100% you can be top10 easily if you consistently use the daily 300.

But even on internationals, if you consistently use griff + 300 alu, you will be top10 or even top5 imo in 1-2 years.
Ppl just tend to get lazy in few months and quitting, missing days / weeks sometimes doing nothing, so if you do the 300 everyday you should be really good really soon.

My brother is like top20 on a 3-4 years old international server and he uses only 120 alu 90% of the times.
(As for me, i'm playing on an older local server and being top1 easily while quitted for years xD So ye, consistency and in few years you are really gg)

PS.: Also play smartly obviously, like it pains me to see even top10 -top20 guys on my server often disregard important stuffs (just 1 example ever since runes are released and i got a decent amount of runes, i'm always doing quests with 50% gold bonus runes and many of them don't, meaning i get 16,5m gold per each quests max, while they get 11m which is a HUGE diff)

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