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I have personally found the following:

Scarpa+Skullislands: Water
Erogenion+Evernight: Light
Blackforest+Blackwaterswamp: Earth
Nevermoor+Rotting Islands: Dark
Firecanyon+Sunburndesert: Fire

Maerwynn: Two different ones.

I am not lucky with Pets, i did not find any on two worlds in the last two days with 600/640 Thirst. So i do not need a lot of food with 9/10 Pets.

I am personally looking only for those 10 areas above, because they are easily recognisable:

Skullisland: Clear
Erogenion+Evernight: Elfish buildings with a lizard on the left or right
Blackforest: Halloween Pumpkin
Blackwaterswamp: Torches and the wooden bridges
Nevermoor: Helpsign
Rotting Islands=Graveyard
Firecanyon: The nest and the hanging skeleton
Desert: Refreshmentkiosk

But all the other information should be acurate too
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