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Default Pet Quick Guide + Calculator


It's difficult to remember where to find each pet when you are missing lots of them and play more than one character across different servers.

To solve this, i made a litte spreadsheet. Just put in Habitat and Number (e.g. Light the 6th pet) and it puts out where to find it and when.

We are now working at a calculator to compare pets from different stages and different levels, because later pets are always stronger. But how much?

It's work in progress, but it helped my guild a lot. Now i want to share it!

Yellow fields in guide and calculator are open for everyone, put in what you want and enjoy the results!

If you have additional informations (stamina values without pack from your own high level pets) just comment directly at the cells.

Have Fun!

Bageera @ W1
Creator of Pet Spreadsheet:
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Bageera @ W1

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