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Originally Posted by banexx91 View Post

I follow youre make good game and interesting changes...well last suggestion i say something about new races and cllases...and you dont me answer details...
also i have new idea...for stable and arena fight...
make new pets...arena 2vs2...3vs3

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Not all suggestions get a reply but they do get passed on. as for having pets and 2v2 or 3v3 arena sounds a lot like another game I play and tbh I for one don't care for either. It doesn't work well in the game I play and that is more geared towards playing in a group. here it is geared towards just the guild not too much interaction with others outside the guild which makes having party arena next to impossible. plus as you might have or not noticed most ppl don't do the current arena all that much outside of filling scrapbook.

good idea and keep them coming I just tend to point out the good and/or bad of an idea.
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