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Red face PROD1GY

Hey my name is Anastasis ( Tasos ) !!
I am from Greece , i live in Athens and i am 19 years old
I study on the university as Civil Engineer and i really like soccer and graffiti !!

Shakes and Fidget i play many years since 2011 i think !!
My best experience was the W1 back on 2015 when i played with MASTERS OF GALAXY and i really had a great time back there
I have played on w4 , w5 , w6 , w10 , w11 , w13 and the last server i played was w36 which i made a strong berserker in which i made it to top 11 ( my personal best rank ) . Now i wait for w40 maybe and play just my 100 alu and relax on w36 for the time being !!! I love warriors due to i like the late game situation where they are powerful , but i make all classes !!!

Happy to meet you all !!!

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