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Major update 1.60

+ new feature Guild Dungeons: raid 50 different dungeons with your guild. A selection of monsters and a boss monster is waiting for you in each of them!

For every defeated boss all three guild features will be upgraded for free. The new maximum level of each feature is 100.

+ new whisper function in guild chat: /w "receiver" or /whisper "receiver"

+ new password safety feature: when signing up or changing your password it is displayed how secure your chosen password is

+ if you buy an item from the shops the empty slot is filled with a new item automatically

+ private messages can only be sent by characters with level 10 or higher (anti-spam measure)

+ moving the City Guard's slider will show the exact time of day your work will be done

+ guild chat commands generate a respective response

+ the 24-hour waiting time after joining a guild can no longer be circumvented

+ fixed the displayed XP after lost guild battles

The update will be online today or tomorrow (depending on the server)!

Make sure to refresh the game window to get the update.


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