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Exclamation RAID HELP WANTED ! ! !

Hello everyone, Mail here. We tried to do the 15th raid today ( Myth's and Mysteries ) but alas.. we were so close.. with the hydra having less than 300k HP

We are giving it another shot in a few days.

We want to do back to back raids.. but in order to do that, we need some strong new faces in our guild. Having some new members over lvl 150+ would really make a huge difference.

We have a lot to offer you, a great environment, a very, very, VERY busy chat.. I am sure all the members in our guild could tell you about that, and we also have pretty solid bonuses of 130%!

If you dont want to join, thats okay too.. but we would love if you helped us with a few raids, then you could go back to your home

If you want to join us permanently, or just do some raid help, message me ingame!

Hope to hear back from someone!
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