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Exclamation Raids..Raids...Raids...You guessed it...RAIDS!

Hello all! Mail here again, well, the guild forum area for W1 seems pretty quiet lately for the most part...

But you better believe that SF Illuminati is NOT quiet!! We got 3 new members join us the last week, and we welcomed them all with open arms!

We have 132% bonuses right now, but as the title says, we are going to be doing some raids for the next little while, we are doing 2 back-to-back!

And guess what, no one even needs to donate gold, because a few of us donated a couple million a few weeks ago, so we have enough gold to last a loooong time

Oh! We also have 2 spots available as two of our members decided to take a break from the game, so if you want to join a very active, chatty, international guild, we are the place for you!

I hope to hear from you
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