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Thumbs down Shakes & Fidget show feedback


So, because we could only show our feedback in the discord by rating it 1-5 stars, I'll write some feedback here, and I'm surprised no one had done so yet. Because I'm genuinely shocked at how badly this "Show" was executed.

You announce this as something big. You announce it all over Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, EVEN ingame to every account that exists, you advertise this big massive super-duper Show coming up with new information and mushroom giveaways. Surely, with advertising it in such a manner, you'd expect a good show, right? With gaining this much attention you surely are confident that you'll execute a stream like this properly, right?

Well holy ****, you didn't.

First of all, I feel for the dude that was doing the actual livestream. I feel like he was just put there and left there on his own to make the best of it, and I don't think he deserves much if any of the blame that this shitshow is getting. But making a THREE HOUR show for the announcement of a new Legendary Dungeon? Come on man. The first piece of info came after over an hour of nonsense and time-wasting, which were 2 screenshots. Woohoo. You'd expect the streamer to be able to actually SHOW you what is coming, instead of having 2 dull screenshots.

Then comes the poorly executed stream itself. Who in their right mind thought it would be a good plan to have a stream without any mods? You want this stream to do well in terms of viewership, which is logical, but then when you HAVE the viewership, you don't have any mods to deal with the spam in the chat?

All that was done to prevent the spam in the chat, was putting in a laughable 2 minute chat-cooldown, which led to another problem:

For the mushroom giveaway, people had to enter in which cup the ball would be for the gambler, in order to double the amount of shrooms that would be won. After that happened, you had to enter the command to enter into the giveaway, but because of the cooldown, people weren't even able to enter the command because they couldn't write again!

So in conclusion, this was diabolical. I didn't think you could pull it off to create such a lot of hype for a show, and advertising it all over Social Media in hopes of it gaining a lot of traction, to then go ahead and produce this pile of crap.

Sorry for the swearing, censor it out if you need to, I'm just dissapointed man. This could've been SO good for the game, but it ended up being pathetic, laughable, and above all, f*cking shocking.


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