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Originally Posted by mar21 View Post
All classes are balanced ... (tho of course there are some aspects of the classes that aren't as balanced ... mainly because of how their mechanics work)

I would recommend you to visit the discord and look at the FAQ. It includes a picture with balance calculations that show how exactly the classes work together ...

Anyhow. Your first issue with this was depending on some wiki and not finding out yourself
Hey i checked the dc, well the discord is quite outdated as it doesnt have battlemage nor the new druid class... Okay berserkers have a hidden bonus which is nowhere said, then my calculations checks out and its as strong as the others.
I didnt have an issue apart from members crying to buff xy, all i did was just make the calculations to check if all classes are equally strong or not.
The wiki was the source of the stats, since i would not start new characters just to check them out
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