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Originally Posted by Bortas View Post
I absolutely disagree. Imho players who worked hard to finish their fortresses should be rewarded at least with certainty, that they cannot be conquered by single player. If you need to conquer players with completed fortreses so much, you still can find some friend to help. From my experience, 2x45 fully upgraded warriors can easily break through full defense.
Just make a screenshot of fight where you fight using 45 warriors at lvl 150 against full upgraded fortress defender. This will show the truth. Btw., You can simply make your fortress invincible by not attacking and not gaining honor points. Then you will have unvincible defense at your honor points range. I fully upgraded my fortress this way playing eco-style and I've been never ever defeated for more than a year now. Meaby 15% buff would be too strong but 10%?

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