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Originally Posted by Bortas View Post
Just amazing argument, how long did you thing it up? Probably you are the one who play wrong game. SF was from the beginning invented as simple mindless funny game with just a little competition, something to relax with. And most people like it this way. I dont know how long do you play but when the fortress was introduces, it was far more competition for some people, than they would like and many of them quit playing after many years. So I repeat, the system is just fine how it is now and if its not too competitive for you, maybe you shoud stat to play some megacomplex insane strategy, where you need to be online 24/7 to not be totally destroyed.
I just like strategy games and shakes fidget lacks of this strategy... As I mentioned before - fortress was introduced - I knew from my previous experience of playing bitefight at top1 on server and few other browser games that one and only way of the fastest building up fortress is to go full economy - most important fact is that if you not use warriors to attack you will be at the bottom of ranking which with your high lvl fortifications will give you 100% safe vault - because nobody would be able to attack you. So, this is better than playing full offensive, you will earn more resources but you will not be able to protect them at all because your score will be too high. Now fortress was changed and on new serwer I play full offensive and I noticed, that I don't need to have any defenders because I have 24h protection all the time because many players attack my fortress again and again and I'm losing nearly nothing because I'm protected so I can grap their resources and build fortress quicker, don't need to upgrade mines, fortifications and defensive buildings at all.