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I'm also a big ogame fan and have played it long time, but you can't compare s&f with it, because it is made for totaly differen't players (the time effort here is much lower, you can play s&f parenthetically and PvP is absolutely not in the focus).

The fortress situation is actualy not that different. You can easily breake any fortress defense with 2 players like Bortas explained. In ogame you also often have to team up to defeat other big fleets or massive bunkers with economical sence (or you need help to gather the debris field, or ..., or ...).

Much more strategic is another fortress strategie thow, where you build no defenses and your partners also do not and than you attack each other with just one tiny soldier and your partner sends you one soldier back with the counterattack and so on. This way you have the shield all the time so nobody can steal your resources and the resources you both win come from the bonus you get for wining, that is not stolen from your partners. This is also the way how the top group of fortress players has this high amounts of honor.

The recent changes (the win bonus is now calculated from your opponents production and not your own) will not break this system in my opinion, but only regulate the players who spend loads of shrooms