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Exclamation SF Illuminati wants YOU!

The legendary SF Illuminati guild has. . .ONE OPEN SPOT Yes!! You read that right, the friendliest, most exciting, legendary guild a lot of people have came to love has an open spot!

This is rare for us, most members have been in the guild for months, and everyone has grown very close but of course, just how any games are, we get some members every now and then who decide to take a break from the game.

Would you like to join our awesome community? Currently, we are only going to accept members above level 160, unless you use 300 thirst

We have 146% bonuses right now.. yes I know, there are guilds that have higher bonuses yada yada yada. We are still very competitive at Sf Illuminati, we do weekly raids, along with a weekly message with an excel sheet on how every member has leveled, as well as weekly guild news ( every sunday ) on whats new in the guild, and the world, and life in general.

Come join us, we would love to have you on board.

Message me ingame, my character is the same as my name here.

Greetings, and hope to hear from you soon
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