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Talking 188% BONUSES. . .11% PORTAL

Hello all, Mail here.. we recently have got 188% BONUSES This is great! We are also one of only a handful of guilds that did this without help from any other guild...cough..cough the guilds that had players come in and sweep raids for them know who they are

We did this without anyones help, we also got our portal to 11% we are sweeping it nicely!!

The raids from here on out are very tough, we tried raid 45 but it was too much for us at the moment But if we had one or two 240+ players joining us, it might be a lot easier

We would love if a high leveled player decided to join us for the adventure. We guarantee that we have one of the best communities on the server, with active, chatty, international people around the world. I have got to learn about a lot of different countries, and people through this guild

What are you waiting for!? Message me ingame, my character is Mail

Talk to you soon!
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