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At your level optimization doesn't really matter since you change your stuff very fast and you better take pieces with better stats.

For most of the leveling part, all matters are how good your stuff is and the ratio you use to spend gold in your stats. I recommand to follow:
-Only wear stuff with gem slots;
-Only wear stuff that gives you "Destreza" and/or "Resistencia";
-Only use Yellow, purple gems. More yellow are better;
Use gems to balance your stats, for leveling as a scout a cool ratio is 2X more "Destreza" than "Resistencia"
-If unlocked, only use black gems;

And about stats... Not the best ration ever, but sure worth using:
X1 Fuerza /X10 Destreza /X1 Inteligencia /X10 Resistencia /X5 Suerte
Count by gold costs.

Last point, if you find a epic gear, wear it only if:
-There is a gem slot;
-The sum of "Destreza" and "Resistencia" (if) are higher than the gear you already have.
Again, not the best strategy ever but worth using and most important the easier to use.

Always take the better gear you can find. No matter if it gives you too much or too low Resistencia. You'll get to balance with gems (if you havn't unlocked black ones) and anyway you'll find more gear soon.
The only exception is when you have a REALLY LOW amount of Resistencia, you can take more even if it's not the better. RNG say it's possible even if super rare, and I already lived this situation a few times.

EDIT: if you want more personnalized advices tell me your serveur, I could come in and look at your progression to help better.
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