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Reading again I see I have forgot one thing. It's about your weapon:

-For most of the leveling part, the medium damage counts really more than the rest.
-> You don't need to care about damage dispersion at your level;
-> Of course a good weapon are a weapon that gives only Destreza and/or Resistencia BUT if you earn a lot of medium damage, take it even if it's with useless stats.
-> About epic weapons, same rule: IF you earn a lot of medium damage, it's better to keep your new weapon even if there is no gem slot.

Once at higher level, you'll care about way more about your weapon. It's the most important piece of your stuff, everything matters. By order of importance:
-Medium damage, the higher possible;
-Damage dispersion for easier dungeons, higher than "single damage to dual", looks like: (800-1600) ~1200
-Stats: A epic tri-stats or a non-epic with full of your main stat
-Gem slot with black gem in.

That's a lot but again, at your level, only medium damage matters. We'll speak of the rest in more than a year lol.
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