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Originally Posted by Shnitel View Post
Hello, everybody !

Im coming up with some crazy ideas and i hope some of them will be done or at least reach Playa. I will start with this because it will be a lot to say.

1. XP & Gold limit

I don`t know if some of you saw that the maximum gold and xp that you can obtain from missions is 10 million. In my opinion, this is not a great advantage for those who are over 300 level, because the cost for the stats are very big and the xp needed for leveling its also very big. I hope that Playa will change this, how they changed for the gold event the city guard, where you can earn more than 10 millions.
PS: Don`t start to disagree with this from the begining, Im not saying that I want an 2:30 min mission with 15 million gold/xp, but something better, beside the red missions who are the only ones who gave over the limit.

2. Pets defence

Everybody already knows that if you win a duel, you will get a food for the pet. But what do you say about gettin one from winning a defence battle ? Im comming up with this because i saw that the drop for food is very low in the last months and for some players is very hard to finish what they start with only 5 food per day for one category. Beside this, some of us are attackin only for gettin the next opponent, because sometimes you got someone who's better then you from the first fight and you can`t be stuck there. So, this will be a great opportunity for gaining more food and be more carefully when and with what pets you will attack the opponents to be sure that they won`t get an advantage from you.

3. Inactive players and servers.

- Before I start this suggestion and the most crazy one, I will claim that this one, if it could be possible, I know and realize that it's the hardest to be done.
- First I will talk about players that are inactive for a period who exceed one year. I suggest for Playa to delete all this accounts, because they also can see how much players are left on the servers and if they really need to go with International servers ( or more servers ). Beside this, they represent a great advantage for new players, because they can get food, fortress resources and honor for 0 work. This is not very fair for the players who are old and worked very hard for the positions they hold right now. I know that it will be a radicaly change of the game, but in my opinion it will be good for Playa to try in the future to attract new players on that servers.
- Now Im going to talk about the servers. Again, I repeat, if this could be possible, it will be extremely hard to do it. I wanna say that combining some servers will blow up the competition of the game. What this means ? For exemple :
-Turkey has 6 worlds, if there are few players left on each server, to say, like 2k on each, combining the servers will get together 12k players and they will start to compete hardly for the first position in the leaderboard.
- But this will be very hard to transfer every informations about every player in one server and, for sure, it will be create a chaos between the players.

I hope some of them will reach Playa and they will do something in the future for us with a big update and it really don`t matter how much will take, we only need something that can keep us here !

Btw : vote for what you want to see faster in the game !
1- exp and gold limits. as for exp they have made tons of improvements to exp. pets shadow world exp from arena fights; plus removing exp drops to name most of the ways they improved exp. old way my top toon would need over a month to lvl currently takes abt a week to 10 days a lvl. as for gold cap for quests. In the past a former CoMa explained that if the cap was removed it would give a reason to remove the cap on cost for stat points. tbh getting over 200 mill gold a day at lvl 419 is not to bad for a shroomer.

2 pet defense. not a bad idea but also imo not a good idea either. gonna have to players getting stronger quicker then they are now and weaker players having a harder time catching up cause they are not getting those extra fruits.

As medusa said removing inactives makes filling scrapbooks even harder to play then it already is. also some of these inactives have spent money on their accounts and maybe one day return. don't know about anyone else but if I spent hundreds or even thousands on something and found someone got rid of it just because I wasn't using it I would be mad.

merging servers this has been suggested for years each time It has been said not possible how things are set up. besides that you have ppl wo play on more then 1 server if you merge them you cause those players to possibly become cheaters if those accounts r merged on 1 server.
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