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Originally Posted by hexblot View Post
After the first 240 levels, have not received a single epic (bad luck I guess), but have not gotten an indication of something being unlocked either

Should I be seeing something?

Edit: Also, scrapbook totals have not changed (yet!), still get that I have 100% of items across all categories.
As Leander said

o 50 new epics: First, unlock them in the Twister (rewards for clearing floor 100, 250 etc.), then find, buy or collect them (dungeons, shops, quest rewards...similar to other epics)

o The new epics count towards the scrapbook (your % will slightly go down). The stickers are not saved at the moment but they will be later on (next patch).
Im afraid im unlucky too... floor 179 and 190 on Twister and only 2 regular epics on earlier floors(one each world i play on).

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