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Originally Posted by fidget View Post
you know kirur, you have done that In another thread.
Ur comments are useless that way, just click the Thanks button
Fidget, two thing:
1) first of all, I click "thank you" also when I read something that I am not totally agree because it is my way to say thank you to some others that try to improve a game that I like. Usually I post an "I am totally agree" or similar when I think it is important to stress what I liked more (in part or totally) and when there is a needing of a great number of "likes" to obtain something but I appreciated your comment because now I know my way was misunderstanding;
2) secondly, your post and this my answer are out of topic and both completely useless so, next time, say what you want to say to me with a private message so I will avoid to do that to feel the situation fair.

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