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Originally Posted by Borb View Post
That would be a bit too OP.
Also, i am not a mushroomer, so i only drink beers on weekends, and i have no problems with the way things are.
Itīs no problem getting 5 items everyday ( unless your luck is really really bad) that you can dismantle for lot of arcane resources ( + 80 at lowest, while something under 200 is highest, and i guess 120-140 is average).
Some tips for newbs : If item has about only 80 - 105 arcane resources letīs say, then put into a toilet and you will get waaay more resources from it. So like if you put gloves with 80, you might get loves with 170 or more if ur lucky.
For nonshroomers, though itīs not recommended - some items from shops can be dismantled for lot of resources, though i only buy items from wizard shop so i will get chances to get more potions.
+ my items are enchanted like this : four items are +4,three items are +5, weapon is also +5, and one item is +7 - and i switched some things recently.
+ I imagine that if you are drinking beers, arcane resources are no problems for you.
I am not totally agree with you...
First of all, maybe your character has higher level than my (350) because in average I found objects that give only 20 arcane resources...
Secondly, the rule of the toilet could have exceptions. Recently, I put in it a (rare, for me) epic object and I obtain zero arcane resources...
About to buy objects to obtain arcane resources: sincerely I do not know! I never wanted to spend a lot of time to compute it, but usually they cost too much gold. My feeling is it is better to spend gold to improve your skills than to wait for an object improvement. Anyway, as I wrote before, on this point I am absolutely open minded.
Finally, I do not know you but I am producing more gems than what I need so... it is true that I can sell them and buy objects but I reckon my proposal has sense!
I forgot: do you have the relative achievement? I have an object at 9 over 10, and it is crazy because the value of arcane resources required is greater than the other! And, off course, as everybody I could built a castle with my stones!