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Default Account verification big dissapointment

Hello, I created new account on a new server when it started. I verified my account and don't get 10 mushrooms. I tried first using my email then after 20 minutes I deleted account and re-created it to try to get verification bonus via facebook account as I though it will be instant verification. Now I'm in situation where I have no mushrooms for verification for about 5 hours and some people got mushrooms instantly some waited few minutes, some 1 hour but this procedure I must say is very unfair.

I need to report this fact because it's not my first time when I didn't get mushrooms for verification when I wanted to buy griffon dragon and start playing. On previous server at the start I had to wait more than 8 hours for verification which is very unfair.

Please do something with this, I know there are many people playing now in a new server but this is very unfair to treat some people with lesser priority than others.

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