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Originally Posted by Yeld11 View Post
So the new YouTube portal is not in the Flash version. Only in the HTML5 and Remastered?

Originally Posted by BMWGuinness View Post
Hi Leander,

Can you please explain the St. Nicholas Achievement?

"Unequip Shoes and in inventory on December 6, 00:01"

Does this mean we should unequip our shoes and place them in the inventory and wait until December 6 at midnight and one second passes by? As if Santa is coming down the chimney to place the achievement in our scrapbook if he sees our naked feet and our shoes in our inventory?

Is it 00:01 server time or 00:01 local time?
Yes. The text was shortened due to lack of space. Unequip your shoes and have them in your inventory on December 6, 00:01 server time.

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