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While cute, your comment is pointless. How many points in stats do you gain per day? No more than a handful, I'm sure. Heck, I'm 100 levels lower than you and I can only afford a few points each day. Surely the object of a mini-game is to allow you the chance to get more than a handful, provided you play the game better than the other players? I'm having a hard time thinking of another game designed to allow you to get stuff, that also traps you into throwing said stuff away. I simply can't see the point of that from a game design perspective.

Any bet in the game is -0.33 ev (expected value - you stand to lose 1/3rd of your wager every time you bet, regardless of the level of your bet). Most gambling games aren't anywhere near that bad, or are designed in such a way that you lose money to other players rather than having it lost forever. The only way to actually win consistently at this particular game is to start with a million gold and hope to avoid the 1:500 chance that leaves you with no money, except that you need to play so much to make anything that the 1:500 chance *will* come up, and undo all the work you did before.