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Originally Posted by Knytul View Post
Point is, until you are up as strong as you desire, it isnt effective or efficient to gamble your gold away. When you finally reach a position that you feel comfortable with, only them gamble. When you can attack someone else for their gold and gamble it, instead of ur own.
But isn't that my point? You're in the top 15 in this game, and even you don't gamble because it's a waste of money. For reference I also spend my cash in gear/potions/points/guild and only started to test out gambling over the last few days, before coming to the realization that it's pointless.

I did a little test spreadsheet yesterday to try work out if there was a mathematical point where the mini-game would break down, and it seems that my assumption that it could be beaten with enough cash is false. There is always a point beyond which you cannot continue to bet if you lose, and if (when) you hit that point you have now lost more money than you have gained throughout your history of playing it. Maybe you decide to play for 10000 gold each day. Maybe one day you'll be lucky enough to double that - but that 10k gain will always be less common than the 10k loss when you go bust or the accumulation of days when you've lost 3k and given up. If you want to throw money away, then just give it to your guild. Which brings me back to what I said yesterday: I can think of no justification to include a mini-game that is designed to take something away from the player.

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