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oh but they do. say a server has only 225 active individuals. that means at most you will have 4 guilds of 50 people, and 1 guild of 25. so how does that 1 guild of 25 succeed at the same rate the 50 do? They each play 2 characters at once to make another guild of 50. Since the gameplay is free (except for shroomers), which most of that 200+ wouldnt be shroomers, all 5 guilds will be able to progress at roughly the same speed as each other, instead of 4 at same speed, and 1 falling behind.

It may not affect the Chat and Forum situation, but gameplay it does.

My point is im not saying change multicounting rules, im saying if you really want to get rid of multiaccounters, instead of attacking that issue head on, instead remedy the other situation, such as a dead server, and thatll give people less reason to have multiple accounts.