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Default Hells Angels - frenzied and energetic drive to the top

Dear community,

its done. After a loooong ride Hells Angels grabbed the top spot in guild leaderboard. I am so glad and honored to be part of this great team.

When i joined the guild - our team wasnt even in the top 10. Our member brought new blood into this server and played hard to earn the top spot.

Not a single member was kicked in the meanwhile - just to get an higher lvl into our team. We won all guild raids without borrowed gamer from other guilds.

A big THANK YOU to our leader - MAHARG - who always act cautiously and wise.

Also a big THANK YOU to our officer - we only have 49 of them

A very special moment - so i want also thx the dev team and community manager who listened to the community and changed some in game stuff into a fair competition. Respect to our rivals - toughly job to pass you.

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